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How to deal with (negative) reviews and reputation management - TIPS

Tips from the experts at Zoover Buzzcapture, TravelNext, Olifant Media and My Reputation Dashboard to monitor and manage both positive and negative reviews on review sites and social media. Over 50 valuable tips were given during the HSMAI conference to manage your online reputation. 


The theme of the annual HSMAI congress Love @ First Site was: ‘It’s all about reviews now!’ The members and guests of the HSMAI were informed by the experts, namely: Arne Keuning of Travel Next, Stephan Bosman Weather, Jaap van Sixes of Buzzcapture, Steven de Jong Elephant Media and Janneke Nijenhuis of Hands-On Advice and My Reputation Dashboard. The various presentations provided sufficient tips regarding reviews and webcare. Enclosed please find an overview of all tips given.

Tips from Arne Keuning of TravelNext:

Arne Keuning of TravelNext was the keynote speaker opening the conference. In his presentation he empasided the fact that consumer choice for a particular product or service is increasingly influenced by reviews.



  • Take the criticism and take some time to think about it;
  • Take everyone seriously;
  • Accept that sometimes people want to complain;
  • Involve people who talk positively about you online;
  • Ask satisfied customers to write you a recommendation (facilitate this through a link, ticket or a private message).


  • Ignore;
  • Deny;
  • Argue;
  • Be emotional.

Tips from Janneke Nijenhuis My Reputation Dashboard:

The break out, given by Janneke Nijenhuis, was mainly focused on online reputation, webcare, reviews and tips. The question, 'how to respond to reviews?' was the central theme in this presentation.


  • Remain polite;
  • Respond quickly;
  • Stay professional;
  • Thank the reviewer for the feedback;
  • Ensure that the response is correct;
  • Pay attention to spelling errors;
  • Use positive reviews in your own communication;
  • Actively ask for reviews;
  • Share your reviews in your communication;
  • Be personal. Do not use standard phrases;
  • Ensure that action points are actually implemented;
  • Assign webcare to staff member who take ownership.

Tips from Jaap van Zessen of Buzzcapture:

In the break out, given by Social Media Expert Jaap van Zessen of Buzzcapture, the central question was: ' how to deal with online reviews? ' 



  • Find out how much time you spend on webcare;
  • Make customers fans or followers;
  • Regularly follow new people on twitter. This will result in an increase in your own followers;
  • Ask guests to check in on Facebook;
  • Display tweets on a screen. Its inviting for other guests to join
  • With complaints quickly take the conversation offline. Respond privately to the complaint. Further reputational damage is prevented. 



Tips from Steven de Jong of Olifant Media:

In the break out session, presented by Steven de Jong of Elephant Media, the main subject discussed was: 'How do you get more positive reviews?'



  • Develop unique promotions;
  • Create a unique experience;
  • Present a unique object;
  • Establish your business in a unique location;
  • Inform and Inspire with unique content;
  • Show your expertise in existing discussions on Twitter;
  • Use Trip Advisor review express;
  • Show your expertise in the Tripadvisor forum;
  • Cooperate with well known bloggers;
  • Encourage Facebook reviews with gifts or discounts;
  • Anticipate in the new Facebook Graph Search: collect check-ins;
  • Search for partners in the hospitality industry to join effords. 


Tips from Stephan Bosman of Zoover:

The conference was closed by keynote speaker Stephan Bosman - CEO of Zoover.  'Content is king' is a key aspect in marketing according to Stephan. 



  • Make sure your hotel or restaurant or other business has enough reviews; Hotels with more reviews will rank higher
  • Constantly as for new reviews (new reviews outweigh the older reviews in the total score);
  • Reply to reviews;
  • Ensure that online information is accurate and complete - In addition to photos, you can also upload videos to Zoover and give tips;
  • Make use of awards received by your hotel from review sites, such as the Zoover recommended awards;
  • Make use of widgets from review sites to share information on your own site and communication;
  • Consider the Premium accounts programme of Zoover. These hotels have a direct booking link from Zoover to the hotel. This might be very interesting Zoover noticed the trend in the hotel industry where partners are looking for ways to increase the number of direct bookings. (without commissions)



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